Trash Gobblers Wanted!

Congratulations to our winners!

The Trash Gobblers had a great turnout this year. We thank all the participants for their creative and thoughtful work and look forward to seeing your gobbler art next year. These are this year’s Trash Gobbler competition winners:

  • Quinn Walsh (Grade 3)
  • Dorothy Tan (Grade 1)
  • Anna Ruggiero (Grade 4)
  • Teagan Gilson (Grade K)
  • Aryanna Gallipeau (Grade 3)

The Gobblers Are Moving In

It is that time of the year again when our front lobby and media center become home to many wonderful monsters. We have already seen quite a few amazing gobblers and hope that the spring vacation week will inspire and produce many more.

What are Trash Gobblers?

Is there recyclable trash in your house such as milk cartons, cardboard boxes, or water bottles? Can you use your imagination to make these come alive as a Trash Gobbler? Construct a “Gobbler” entirely (or mostly) out of recycled items. Let your imagination soar!

Parents may help, but we are looking for STUDENT work and ideas.

The contest

The Trash Gobbler contest is a friendly, optional contest that encourages you to use creative abilities and recycled objects. A Student Council member will accept your work in the main lobby as you arrive at school. Winners will receive a gift certificate to the Book Fair.

Hurry, the time is almost up! The Gobblers are due on Monday April 23rd.

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