Sep 09

2019-2020 Meeting Dates

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Welcome back


September 4, 2019 school reopens.

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Jan 16

QPS Homework Guide

Questions about homework policies?  Click Homework Guide to review QPS’s policy.

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Brain POP/Brain POP jr.

Have you heard? BrainPOP/BrainPOP jr. are available to all Squantum students at no additional cost.

There are endless ways to engage with BrainPOP and extend your child’s learning beyond
the classroom!  Best of all, your family can access these resources from home!

Looking for some fun AND learning  for your kids online? BrainPOP creates animated resources that support educators and engage students – in school, at home, and on mobile devices.  Available content includes animated movies, quizzes, games, mobile apps, activity pages, and much more covering hundreds of topics within Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Technology, Arts & Music, and Health. All content is aligned to and searchable by state standards including Common Core.

Your child can even create his or her own movies and coding projects with our easy-to-use tools.

Our school subscription to BrainPOP and BrainPOP jr. is  accessible 24/7!!  Our login information is as follows: username: squantum16 pwd: squantum. It’s free to all Squantum students 

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PTO Meeting Minutes – Nov 2018

PTO Minutes for November 15, 2018

In attendance were Mr. Sylvia, Dr. Bloom, Mrs. Kiley, President Kenda Coulter, VP Sarah Wood, Treasurer Anthony Greenwood, Secretary Trina Ruggiero, CityWide Rep Dave Blaton and assembled parents.

Kenda: Thank you to all our volunteers for helping with book fair, bake sale, Docent Art, Reading Counts, etc.

Mr. Sylvia: Thank you to Paul & crew for interactive projectors and installation in the media center and the K-2 classrooms. We will possibly show a demo of one at a future PTO meeting. Teachers are loving them and how much they are able to do on them. Bruce Ayers was at our Veterans Day assembly and awarded a bike to our summer reading winner, Lily Quilty. Thanks to Jen Bergin for organizing the flags on our front lawn and for collecting the donations of money/gift cards for local veterans. $700 total of cash plus gift cards was delivered to veteran services. Joe Kelly day which was organized by Joe and the mayors office was a great day and lots of fun for everyone. Winter concert will be 12/14 at 8:45am. Tis the Season Symphony childrens tickets were donated by Granite City Electric. Only adult tickets need to be purchased. This event is on 12/4. Parent conferences: 12/11 for day and evening conferences and 12/18 for only daytime conferences. We will have a half day this week on both Tuesday and Wednesday and then no school Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving break. Student Council canned food drive was a great success! Toy drive will be coming up next. This Tuesday, Kindergarten will be having its Thanksgiving feast. Brain Pop subscription has been renewed and is now available 24/7. Quincy Elks donated dictionaries to all 3rd graders. 5 essays from Squantum School have been submitted to the American Ed essay contest. We had a great STEM assembly for Kindergarten the other day. 4th grader Gabrielle Linkiewicz won 3rd place in the holiday poster contest and was filmed by Quincy Access TV. Fun Run raised $21,468 for the school. Bake sale raised around $2100.

Dave: Screenagers was talked about at a citywide meeting. Dave will consult head nurse, Rita Bailey regarding whether or not there is a formal lice policy in our school system. He also asked at the citywide meeting about a formal cell phone policy. It seems there isnt one but the rule at our school is that Mr. Sylvia does not want to see it out. They also discussed homework guidelines at the citywide meeting and what thoughts are about them guidelines being rewritten.

Next PTO meeting is in January…1/16/19.

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Nov 08

Nov 6th – Quincy declares “Joe Kelly Day”

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Oct 12


Our goal is to raise $20,000 for chromebooks, technology and media center updates, and we need your help! Your student is coming home with a Pledgebook today, where you can learn more about helping our school through the Fun Run.

Once you register create your students personalized Star Video to share with family and friends to ask them to support your student.

Enter all pledges at, and your student will be rewarded the very next day.

 We appreciate your support!

Also, please save the date —  October 23rd  to come cheer on your students at the Fun Run. It’s going to be so much fun. We would love for you to come join in the excitement!”

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Sep 24

Coming Soon — Squantum 2018 Fun Run

Squantum Fun Run 2018

Coming Soon! 

Squantum School has a goal to raise $20,000 for media center updates and increased technology including a Chromebook cart to improve unit to student ratio.

By partnering with Boosterthon, our students will participate in a two-week, fitness-based fundraiser where they’ll learn essential character traits through this year’s theme: MINDSPARK MYSTERY LAB.

In the past, our school has profited $20,000. Help us reach our goal this year by connecting with sponsors!

Pep Rally – 10/12

Fun Run – 10/23
SAVE THE DATE! You’re Invited!

We’ll be sharing more information over the next few weeks.

Thanks so much!

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Sep 24

PTO Meeting Minutes – September 2018

PTO Minutes for September 18, 2018

In attendance were Mr. Sylvia, Dr. Bloom, Mrs. Kiley, PTO board members (Kenda Coulter, Sarah Wood, Anthony Greenwood, Heather Morkan, Trina Ruggiero, and Citywide Rep. Dave Blaton), and assembled parents.

Mr. Sylvia: Bus schedules are a little off at the beginning of the school year (as expected), but it has been a smooth transition. Mayor Koch says Squantum is next to get a new school building. Enhancements to bathrooms are on a to-do list. “Speed bumps” out back were actually put in to change the route of the water run off so its not going toward houses. Savannah Sandpiper has been painted in the middle of the gym floor which reminds students of positive behavior (PBIS). Skinner Overlook is helping to take care of the outdoor classroom. BOKS will start up on 10/1 and will run on Monday & Wednesday mornings. Quincy Artsfest had artwork from some Squantum students including one who won an award: Thomas Ahearn from the 5th grade. Band instrument demo was last Monday for grades 4-5. Judy Lai (music teacher), had her baby last spring and will be returning to school on 10/12. Traffic & Safety: please drive with the flow of traffic, park on the opposite side of Huckins, and always use the crosswalk. No cars are to enter the back lot for drop off or pick up…this area is reserved for the busses. Please send a note if a dismissal is planned for your child or if someone else is picking them up. Summer reading winner will be drawn to win a bike courtesy of Bruce Ayers. He will join us for our Veterans Day assembly. MCAS scores from last school year should be at the school the last week in September and then mailed home first or second week of October. Local children’s author, Kate Hanscom will be coming to visit grades K-2.

Picture Day: 10/4
Fun Run: 10/12 is the pep rally and when raising funds can start. The run is 10/23. This year’s theme is Mind Spark.
Next PTO meeting is 10/10
Monster Mash: 10/26
Election Day Bake Sale: 11/6
Book Fair: 11/9-11/16
Possible movie night in November too (maybe 11/2).

The schools citywide are looking to hire more lunch matrons. Please email Mr. Sylvia if interested.

Anthony: Account is looking good.

(Mr. Sylvia)…Possibilities to use some money toward interactive technology in every grade except K. Would be a big project. Another big ticket idea would be new furniture to update the media center.

Dave: At last Citywide meeting, they talked about chaotic drop off and pick ups. 10/17 the movie Screenagers will play at Central Middle School. Squantum PTO is donated $50 toward the rental fee of this movie. As a reminder, anyone is welcome at the Citywide meetings.

Kenda: Volunteer opportunities:
Docent art (run by Julie Hart), Reading Counts, Fun Run, Bake Sale on 11/6. We might be putting some of the bake sale funds toward things for the 5th graders such as t-shirts and yearbooks.

Next PTO meeting is 10/10. Tentative schedule for remaining months is:
11/15, 12/11, 1/16, 2/12, 3/13, 4/11, 5/7.

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Apr 17

Disney Raffle 2018 Results


Paul Elwell

Week 3 Update

As we enter the final stretch of the Disney raffle event, here are week 3 winners by class:

  • 1st: Ms. McNamara (3)
  • 2nd: Ms. LaRose (K)
  • 3rd: Ms. Kiley (3)

Week 3 Class Participation

This is cumulative percentage of class participation over 3 weeks:

  • 1st: Ms. Corwin’s class (K) with 55%
  • 2nd: Ms. Cordero’s(1) & Ms. Tonetti’s (2) classes with 53%
  • 3rd: Ms. Kiley’s (3), Ms. McNamara’s (3) & Ms. Smith’s (4) classes with 47%

Week 2 Update

The raffle ticket sales are soaring! We applaud our students, parents, family members and friends for their efforts in raising money for our school. Here are this week’s winners by class:

  • 1st: Ms. Salas (2)
  • 2nd: Ms. McNamara (3)
  • 3rd: Ms. Kelley (K)

Week 2 Class Participation

The number of students participating in ticket sales is also increasing. These classes had the highest student participation over two weeks:

  • 1st: Ms. Corwin’s class (K) with 55%
  • 2nd: Ms. Cordero’s(1) & Ms. Tonetti’s (2) classes with 53%
  • 3rd: Ms. Kiley’s (3) & Ms. Smith’s (4) classes with 47%

Week 1 Update

We have already sold out of tickets and have many requests pending. More tickets are on the way!
Below are the three top-seller classes for week one.

  • 1st: Ms. LasRose (K)
  • 2nd: Mrs. McNamara (3)
  • 3rd: Mrs. Corwin (K)
  • The class in 4th place is only behind by 8 tickets!

Week 1 Class Participation

These classes have the highest number of students participating in the raffle. Awesome job!

  • 1st: Mrs. Kilye’s class (3) with 40%
  • 2nd: Mrs. Corwin’s class (K) with 36%
  • 3rd: Mrs. Cordero’s class (1) with 32%

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