Jan 17

January PTO Meeting Minutes

Some notes from our January PTO meeting

There was a good turnout – over 40 parents showed up to hear this important safety update.
  • Steve and Mike Dracchio (Director of Safety and Security for Quincy Public Schools) provided an update on what they are doing to safeguard the school.
  • The message we heard loud and clear was that safety is the number one priority at the school.
  • Going forward you may see additional police presence to build a relationship with local officers, not to be fear into students or parents.
  • We have 2 full time resources assigned and 1 DARE officer.
  • Fire Drills are conducted 4x a year
  • Twice a year, lockdown events are practiced.  We practice evacuation and reverse evacuation (to get inside if there is a gas leak for example).  All drills are taken very seriously.
  • There is a monthly safety team meeting that includes Police, DA, Norfolk County Sheriff, Fire Department, Fallon Ambulance, and transporation (buses).   Probation/family services also buy into this model and participate in notifying schools of domestic disputes and can contact the school immediately.
  • All schools camera feeds are linked into QPS and Mike’s security systems.
  • Alerting – currently we have the honeywell system in place for parents to sign up and receive updates via phone, email, and text.  Next year, we are updating this to a new student alert / information system that will be much easier to control and update.

How you can help?

  • Sign up for Honeywell alerts here https://instantalert.honeywell.com
  • Have faith in the school staff and administration.  They are trained and know what to do in case of emergencies.  Advise your children to listen to them in these situations
  • Need your cooperation in ensuring safety is priority number 1.  Parents shouldn’t be walking students to class in the morning anymore, and parents should always check in at main office
  • If you have additional questions or specific concerns, don’t be afraid to ask the Principal Sylvia about them.

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