Squantum School Wishlist

The most popular items needed for the school are printer and toner cartridges to provides printed handouts and materials for students. If you are willing to buy and donate these items, it would greatly help the school.


  • Teachers Room: Copier Ricoh/IKON     Toner  6110D           Price: $  57.25
  • Principal’s Office: Copier (Ricoh/IKON)  Toner MP 4500    Price: $  51.75

Printer Cartridges

  • Media & Closet by Nurses Office:  WB Mason HP   CE 505A   Price: $59.75
  • Library main desk    WB Mason   13XHPQ2613X          Price: $59.75
  • Fax Cartridge:    Canon    PG   black # 40        Price:  $15.75
  • Staples:   Copiers:   Ikon   Type  K       Price: $43.60

We are working on expanding this wishlist to include grade and classroom level requests.

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