Disney Raffle 2018


Paul Elwell

Squantum Elementary 2018 Disney Raffle

Week 3 Update

As we enter the final stretch of the Disney raffle event, here are week 3 winners by class:

  • 1st: Ms. McNamara (3)
  • 2nd: Ms. LaRose (K)
  • 3rd: Ms. Kiley (3)

Week 3 Class Participation

This is cumulative percentage of class participation over 3 weeks:

  • 1st: Ms. Corwin’s class (K) with 55%
  • 2nd: Ms. Cordero’s(1) & Ms. Tonetti’s (2) classes with 53%
  • 3rd: Ms. Kiley’s (3), Ms. McNamara’s (3) & Ms. Smith’s (4) classes with 47%

Week 2 Update

The raffle ticket sales are soaring! We applaud our students, parents, family members and friends for their efforts in raising money for our school. Here are this week’s winners by class:

  • 1st: Ms. Salas (2)
  • 2nd: Ms. McNamara (3)
  • 3rd: Ms. Kelley (K)

Week 2 Class Participation

The number of students participating in ticket sales is also increasing. These classes had the highest student participation over two weeks:

  • 1st: Ms. Corwin’s class (K) with 55%
  • 2nd: Ms. Cordero’s(1) & Ms. Tonetti’s (2) classes with 53%
  • 3rd: Ms. Kiley’s (3) & Ms. Smith’s (4) classes with 47%

Week 1 Update

We have already sold out of tickets and have many requests pending. More tickets are on the way!
Below are the three top-seller classes for week one.

  • 1st: Ms. LasRose (K)
  • 2nd: Mrs. McNamara (3)
  • 3rd: Mrs. Corwin (K)
  • The class in 4th place is only behind by 8 tickets!

Week 1 Class Participation

These classes have the highest number of students participating in the raffle. Awesome job!

  • 1st: Mrs. Kilye’s class (3) with 40%
  • 2nd: Mrs. Corwin’s class (K) with 36%
  • 3rd: Mrs. Cordero’s class (1) with 32%

We are happy to present our 2nd annual Disney Vacation Raffle. The tickets are only $5 each. The winner receives a $5,000 Disney Gift Card to spend at their discression at any of the Disney Park locations in Florida, California, Hawaii, Paris or on a Disney Cruise. Not interested in going to Disney? Not to worry! The winner can choose to take a cash prize of $4,500.

The shool will hold a drawing to select a winner on Thursday, April 12th. The winner will be contacted directly.

How it works
  • Each child has brought home 15 tickets ($5 each). Purchase as many tickets as you like and /or offer them to your family, friends, and co-workers.
  • If your student sells all 15 tickets, have them ask for more.The students who sell the most tickets will win prizes (see below).
Top-seller prizes

Your efforts do not go unrewarded. Students and their classes will receive daily and weekly prizes. Upon completion fo the raffle, the top sellers will receive special rewards.

    • Most tickets sold: $100 gift card
    • 60+ tickets sold: $25 gift card
    • Top 30 sellers: a visit to a Videogame Truck during school hours!
    • Top selling class: a class party
If you wish to purchase tickets remotely

You do not have to be physically present to participate in the raffle. Tickets can be purchased remotely. We accept cash, checks, credit cards and Venmo transfers. You will receive a purchase confirmation and an image of your raffle ticket. For details and sales contact Sarah Wood at squantumraffle@gmail.com

Thank you for helping our school!

Last year, the Disney Raffle raised over $15,000 which was used to purchase a Chromebook cart for our school. This year, we are hoping to do even better! In the end, we all win by making Squantum Elementary a better place for our children.

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